Collect data from satellites for scientific research in weather forecasting
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UPDATE! We have reached the limit for access to ESA’s GSSC Preview Programme but may extend this in the future.

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is a set of satellites that orbit the Earth.
These GNSS satellites provide valuable information to many different location-based applications from the satnav in your car to flying a plane. But we can also use the data for scientific research.
We developed the CAMALIOT app to gather data from these satellites, taking advantage of new developments in mobile technology to collect and access the raw GNSS data from Android phones.
All the data are gathered by individuals like you. You don't have to be a scientist, you just need to have access to an Andriod mobile phone with your GPS turned on.
In return, you are helping to build better weather forecasting models, helping us to increase the positional accuracy of the GPS on your smartphone and providing us with data for other scientific applications.
As the GNSS satellite signals are received in Earth, they are modified by the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere.
We can use these modified signals in combination with machine learning algorithms to improve weather forecasting, in particular, of rainfall.
By using crowd-sourced GNSS data from many mobile phones around the world, we hope to create better inputs to weather prediction models so that local rainfall events are forecast more accurately.
We will also use the GNSS data to improve predictions of space weather, e.g., the types of events that can disturb our communication systems due to solar flares.
Get involved by collecting GNSS data through the CAMALIOT app and join our CAMALIOT community.


1. Click on START LOGGING to collect the data from satellites.
2. Click on STOP LOGGING to stop the session.
3. Upload the session to the server and then repeat to log and upload more data.
4. Check the data uploaded and leaderboard

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